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enjoy your reading :) Feedback is always lovely if you get time!

You guys are all so nice to me and i don’t even know how to tell you how much i appreciate it, you all make me so happy and i feel emotional ;u; ily all

ninchuser: Congrats sweetie ^^ You deserve it ♥

Thank you! :)) <3

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and oh my god i passed 5k followers!!! Thank you so much, that’s crazy :)

Nominations and Voting now open - Phanfic Awards 2014



Fic Awards

Best Fic (two runners up)

Best Angst

Best Fluff

Best Smut

Best Combination (must include elements of fluff/angst/smut)

Best Storyline (chaptered or 10k+ oneshot)

Best Drabble (Under 1000 words)

Best AU

Best Songfic

Best Author (consistently amazing fics)

Best Collab

Best Crossover

Special Awards

Emotional Wreck Award
Memorable Award (a fic that stayed with you/made you think long after you finished reading it)
Originality Award 
Undiscovered gem award (under 50 notes)
Traumatic Award (shock!fics - eg skin fic, chair fic etc)
Hardcore Smut Award
Alternative Award (poetry, alternative forms, dancest etc - something different.)
Existential Crisis Award (a fic that made you re-evaluate your life in some way)
Amazon Award (‘i’ll ship anything’ - for fics that include one or more other pairings alongside phan)
Crack!fic Award
Pure fluff award (specifically a fic that makes you feel happy/ all warm and fuzzy inside)
Edge of the Seat Award (a fic with a really gripping plotline) 

Comedy Award

here we go again pray for us

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Anonymous: Hey, just saying that when I read phanfics on your blog, I find it quite hard to find the mouse, b/c the background and mouse are both white

I changed it to black, i hope that’s easier to see!

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thegirlwiththebracelets: This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and outside

Thank you<3

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blondieiskendra: JUST SAYING YOU'RE MY FAVORITE BLOG AND I LOVE YOU. ok have a perfectly gay day c:

Thank you omg i love you too!

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Anonymous: Hey, when are you going to post part 3 of TNTC? I really like it.

I don’t really know, sorry :(

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Anonymous: uh hey what's that fic where both dan and phil get off to each others noises? i forget if you wrote it or not ok cool sorry

No i didn’t write it, i don’t know which fic that is, sorry! Try looking in


tbh i’m never running a blog awards ever again purely bc of the number of edits i’ve had to make jesus christ So, the votes are in (and have been for a few days but I kept forgetting to post this OOPS), and it is time for an overly dramatic post announcing the winners. I’m sure you’re all holding onto the edges of your seats with anticipation/have scrolled past this, and it’s time to reveal the winners for each category!

Best YouTube Blog: danscrotch

Best Multifandom inc. YouTube Blog: connor-frantas

Nicest Blogger: howhowell

Best Blogger To Go To For Advice: gigglyphan

Best Theme: mildlyhowell

Best Edit/Gif Maker: danscrotch

Best Phanfic Writer: danalingphil

Best Phandom Artist: down-the-youtube-rabbithole

And there we have it! Here is a reminder of the prizes, and thank you for taking part in my blog awards!!!

  • The glory of wielding a title of such prestige (just imagine it, [your url here], kaleidanscope’s nicest blogger)
  • Promo for two months in my updates tab
  • Random promo posts throughout those two months (probably around 3 or 4)
  • A short phan drabble written specifically for you (note: i’m not going to chase up this prize so if you want it you need to come directly to me and request what you want written - the reason for this is because i am not currently in a place where i want to write for the phandom and therefore, although i’m still offering the prize, it’s up to you to claim it)
  • My eternal love and friendship (I mean what else could you want apart from that)