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tbh i’m never running a blog awards ever again purely bc of the number of edits i’ve had to make jesus christ So, the votes are in (and have been for a few days but I kept forgetting to post this OOPS), and it is time for an overly dramatic post announcing the winners. I’m sure you’re all holding onto the edges of your seats with anticipation/have scrolled past this, and it’s time to reveal the winners for each category!

Best YouTube Blog: danscrotch

Best Multifandom inc. YouTube Blog: connor-frantas

Nicest Blogger: howhowell

Best Blogger To Go To For Advice: gigglyphan

Best Theme: mildlyhowell

Best Edit/Gif Maker: danscrotch

Best Phanfic Writer: danalingphil

Best Phandom Artist: down-the-youtube-rabbithole

And there we have it! Here is a reminder of the prizes, and thank you for taking part in my blog awards!!!

  • The glory of wielding a title of such prestige (just imagine it, [your url here], kaleidanscope’s nicest blogger)
  • Promo for two months in my updates tab
  • Random promo posts throughout those two months (probably around 3 or 4)
  • A short phan drabble written specifically for you (note: i’m not going to chase up this prize so if you want it you need to come directly to me and request what you want written - the reason for this is because i am not currently in a place where i want to write for the phandom and therefore, although i’m still offering the prize, it’s up to you to claim it)
  • My eternal love and friendship (I mean what else could you want apart from that)
gracemaisey: Your my favorite

Awh thank you<3

1 day ago with 3 notes
fanatic-domain-bitches: omg memories omfg the ending like wtf my heart kinda bloated for a second. OVERLOAD OF CUTENESS. omg and ow he kissed him on the radio. mg it finished :( but wow that fic was just amazing, all of them are, you are an amazing writer omfg i love you and your work so much <3

AWW this is so sweet omg thank you so much! i’m glad you liked it <3<3

Anonymous: Hi so I sent a prompt a while back about phan doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, and I was just wondering if you were going to do it, I am in no means trying to rush you or force you to write it, I'm simply asking if you are planning on writing it :)

I don’t think so, sorry :( at least not any time soon. I still have quite a bit of work to do on my big bang fic and schools coming up in a couple weeks so i won’t have much time! it was a cute prompt but i gotta focus on other stuff

Anonymous: Who is wirrow??? I'm kind of dumb...

Don’t worry about it! He’s an artist (Dan and Phil have some wirrow art in their rooms, you might recognize it) and he’s one of Dan and Phil’s best friends. They seem to see each other a lot, along with Bryony (paperlillies) who is his girlfriend. I’m pretty sure they went to Cyprus together.

Anonymous: Hi! So I'm reading one of your fics, and I was wondering why you write W*rrow instead of Wirrow. Does he not like when people write fics with him in them?

I’d assume he’s not a huge fan haha. I mentioned his name in “your hair looks sexy pushed back” and it showed up in his tag because tumblr had just switched to their horrible search system. I got some people getting mad at me out for tagging him in a phanfiction even though i didn’t try to, just mentioning his name will put the post in his tags (i h8 u tumblr) so from now on I put an asterisk so that doesn’t happen! Idk how he’d feel about people mentioning him

fanatic-domain-bitches: Dan froze. "That's not the camera!" omg holy shit wtf is that fic even that is so funny omg. imagine being in that poition

Hahaha oh god that would be awkward.

Anonymous: your fics are the most bestest things ever! are you thinking of writing another chaptered fic?

Aww thanks! And yeah, probably after my big bang fic i will!

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fanatic-domain-bitches: omg texts to louise. i smiled so hard and squealed i had to hide my face under the blanket omg that one islike my fave

Awwwww :) thank you!